Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Judgement Against Nerdrum is Overturned!
by Brandon Kralik

 "There is no valid sentence against Nerdrum"  stated Bettina Banoun who was among the experts who considered disclosures to the court by the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet.  Dagbladet uncovered evidence that had not previously been presented in court and which shows that the amount of Nerdrum's income, as stated by the Appeals Court, had been doubled and also that Nerdrum had paid taxes on what he owed.

"There must be an admission of failure when a journalist at Dagbladet in a short time can do a more thorough job than the government to provide key evidence. Police now say they will consider the new evidence in the case Nerdrum, and it should go without saying that it ensures that no one is sentenced to a long prison sentence on false grounds", said Banoun to Dagbladet in October.

 It seems Nerdrum called it as it was all along.
Now that the 2 year and 10 month sentence against Nerdrum has been overturned, the case will be retried in the first court, called the High court in Norway, presumable sometime later this year.  It is unlikely, given the new evidence that Nerdrum will serve prison time as the case for such a long and harsh punishment is crumbling.  As it should be.  I have followed this incredible case for eleven years now and have always been critical of the investigation, and now leading tax expert Banoun agrees in an article published in Dagbladet Feb. 5, 2013. 
I translated this article from Dagbladet (feb. 5, 2013) using Google translate.
Here is the link to the article in Norwegian:    

Here is another article announcing the Supreme Courts decision for those of you who want more details.
This link, from Dagbladet, Feb. 4, 2013 has already been Google Translated into English for you:

In a separate, civil lawsuit, Nerdrum has sued the Appeals Court for mishandling his case.  The Civil case was heard in Oct. 2012.  In the verdict it emerged that the court believes in parts of Nerdrum's testimony and that he mistakenly had to pay tax twice for the same income.  However, Nerdrum lost that case because the court ruled that Nerdrum didn't present his case clear enough.  Now we know that in fact, the appeals court did mishandle the case.  As any of you know who have followed this case, it is a VERY complicated situation to live in one country, paint in another, and sell the paintings in yet another and be able to explain all of this to the tax office.  Not to mention the ruined paintings that started it all. 
Nerdrum has appealed this case also and it will probably come up in 2014.

For now, and let us hope it remains so, Nerdrum is free to be with his family, to paint masterpieces and continue to share his knowledge with those of us who believe in Painting, in craftsmanship and the connection we feel when we see the sincere longing of a human face.  Longing for love and for acceptance.

The Nerdrum School, summer 2012

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