Saturday, March 19, 2011

What is Fluxwall?

  Fluxwall is the point where information is exchanged.  It describes the point of contact between one bundle of energy and another.  On a cellular level it is where electrical impulses flash from one cell to another and new cells evolve from this place in space.  For our purposes the surface of my Paintings are the fluxwall and it is here that my ideas are manifest, it is here that the message is transferred to you!  

All of my life's experiences I carry with me. They show themselves as I paint and each canvas breathes in, quite literally, of the energy with which I feed it.  My thoughts follow into the air and are carried on the breeze from the window on the rays of the day and as the layers of oil dry they absorb the oxygen, and the light.  Oil paint does not evaporate, it absorbs and stores this information.  And there it rests in darkness…until you open your eyes to it!  When a new light, a fresh observation, shines upon the canvas  today, or a hundred days, or however many days and years hence, the light enters the painting and reflects through the particles of paint, suspended in the oil, and out again, recharged with my intention into your eyes, into the imagination of the one who sees it!  I connect this way with my collectors.  We share the information, as indeed, it is intended to be shared.  To be seen and absorbed into the weave of our lives.  In this way we grow and the Paintings remind us, they stand as signposts in our daily life to return us to our knowing, to our beauty, and to reconnect us with our common source.

The information is both contemporary and ancient.  As the rays of the sun are both ancient and fresh, the information is intended to enhance the lives of those who are able to share in this new myth, the myth of  wisdom, cooperation and courage.  Here you will find a steady stream of information designed to enhance your life through the magic of oil Painting.

This screen is a fluxwall.  This is my blog where I will share with you what you need to know about my painting, the many benefits they offer you and how you have the opportunity to purchase them.   Here is where we can exchange information on how painting, at it’s best, is so much more than simply a reflection of the new global society we find ourselves in but which stand as signposts along our life journey, our individual heroic paths, and to remind us daily of our ability to create the life we are meant to live!

This is the Power of Painting!

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