Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sisyphus' Success

Sisyphus, although his past is filled with avarice and greed, through the centuries evolved into a symbol of sympathy and frustrated complacency. After coercing with the Oracle and playing tricks with death in his youth, in which the stakes became increasingly higher, he fell to the even slyer Zeus, and found himself in a situation which he could not escape from.

According to Solar Mythology, King Sisyphus is the disc of the sun that rises every day in the east only to sink again in the west. Others regard him as the personification of waves, rising and falling, or of the trecherous sea.

The repetition of his quest has been regarded as an ”empty” thing, being likened to rolling a boulder up a hill by Epicurean in the first century BC. His struggle became a symbol for the absurdity of man in the 1942 essay, ”Myth of Sysiphus” leading it’s author, Albert Camus, to the conclusion, ”One must imagine Sysiphus happy. The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart.” Is it?

I endeavor to take this myth, this symbol that we can so clearly and easily relate to, to new heights. This situation that Sisyphus finds himself in over the centuries has stirred a desire to make it to the next stage of evolution. It is true of you, and of our race in general, to grow out of our empty repetion and reach our potential.

Sisyphus’ Success is every person content at the end of the day, feeling that they have done thier best, and enjoying a well deserved rest.

This Painting stands as a daily reminder that our repetitive efforts are meaningful, that they lead to a higher plane of understanding, of consciousness and that it is possible to maintain balance in our lives.

This is the Power of Painting.

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